Congratulations! You’ve just started an incredible journey, one that I began a few years ago that changed my life forever…On this journey you’re about to discover how you can get more residual cash flow streaming into your bank account every month than you’ve ever dreamed possible.

I should know, I’ve done it and that’s why you need watch the video training below and read every word of this letter right now to discover

How You Can Take Advantage Of The Current Economic Bloodbath And Make Over $4,629 In Cash Flow Every Single Month Starting In As Little As The Next 87 Days By Buying Your FIRST Apartment Building Without Cash, Credit Or Qualifying

Let me ask you a question… Do you have bills stacking up or your kid’s college tuition coming due around the corner?

Are you looking for the quickest path to get that cash flow you need? The path I took?

The past few years have done a real number on the economy putting the markets in chaos and real estate values in the tank. It almost seems like everything has crashed and burned.

Don’t worry, I’m about to show you that this massive downturn in one area has created a goldmine of opportunity in another.

The foreclosure “crisis” has driven over 13 million families from their homes, and made it so that HUGE numbers of people won’t be able to buy a home again for years.

So how does that sad situation turn into a residual income for you? Well, it means they’ll have to rent for years to come and if you own the apartment building in their area, they have to rent from and pay YOU every single month.

Look, that’s not a bad thing. It’s actually a win/win.

You provide a clean, comfortable and safe place for their families to live, treat them right and in return they pay you for providing the shelter over their heads.

That’s why right now is the best time in history to buy your first apartment building.

Because I’ve already done it, I know that for my money buying an apartment building is the fastest and easiest way to generate regular, repeatable and LEGAL cash flow each and every month.

I’m talking about serious cash flow of THOUSANDS of dollars every month.

It’s the kind of money that you’ve dreamed of and right now I’m teaching you that once you set it up, you’ll cash the checks month after month.

You owe to yourself and your family to take advantage of the chaos because it won’t last forever.

Get in now because when the word gets out it may not even last through the end of this year.


Proof: My First Apartment Building

I Bought It With None of My Own Cash and I
Closed In 87 Days Flat

Hi – I’m Dennis Fassett.

That’s me in the picture. I’m standing in front of my first apartment building the day I closed on it.

It’s a cool little building that I bought a couple of years ago – in only 87 days from when I started looking for it. And I used none of my own money to buy it.

The best part is that I had positive cash flow the first month, and I’ve had it every month since I closed on it.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I want to prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that what you’re about to learn works. And that you can start generating serious cash flow in the next 87 days by buying your first apartment building.

The honest-to-God truth is that when I started looking for my first building I was in a situation similar to what you’re probably facing right now. Tell me if any of this sounds familiar:

  • You have a critical need for more cash flow (kid’s college tuition, retirement, paying bills, vacations, etc)
  • Your job is at risk, your salary has been reduced, or your hours have been cut (I work in the automotive industry and the risk seems to be NEVER ENDING)
  • You have a limited amount (or no) money to spend
  • You have no “spare” time

Can you identify with any of these?

Well all of that described me to a “T”. When I started looking for my first building I had a stay-at-home wife and four young kids (still do), and we had been taking care of my terminally ill mother in our home for several years before she passed away.

To add to the stress, the automotive industry was cratering, so I needed to generate positive cash flow like yesterday to create a safety net for my family in case my job was eliminated.

The problem was, I didn’t know a damn thing about apartment buildings. Literally zero. And to add to that, as my company was in it’s death spiral.

I wasn’t working less, I was working more AND for less money.

I needed to find a shortcut to get to positive cash flow ASAP.

That was when I got serious and started looking for something or someone that would show me how to go from zero knowledge to positive cash flow as fast as possible.

In total I spent $16,436 looking.

Seminars where boring instructors droned on for three and four days in front of mostly empty hotel conference rooms trying to sell five figure “coaching programs” led by people that had never even bough real estate.

Home study courses that cost a small fortune that were so basic they were worthless. And countless books and CDs that were nothing more than ego strokes or promotional materials for their authors.

I came up empty. There was nothing out there. I was fatally disappointed.

But because I had my back against the wall and failure was not an option, I started from scratch. I created my own process.

What did I discover?

That for years all the “gurus” had made buying apartment buildings sound so complex that anyone believing them would have been scared to death to attempt to buy one without having their hand held through the entire process.

That’s what I call The Big Lie.

Because I discovered that buying an apartment building isn’t rocket science. Far from it actually.

In fact, I realized that all it took was a simple and straightforward process.

Once you know the process, you can easily buy an apartment building and start generating cash flow. Fast.

You don’t have to spend a small fortune on education. You can do it without expensive hand holding. And being successful doesn’t have to take over your life.


You may want to watch this in full-screen mode – just click the icon in the lower right hand corner of the video.

Click to Download Your Copy of the Blueprint: The Apartment Cash Flow Blueprint


From: Dennis Fassett
Wednesday, 7:49pm
Franklin, Michigan

Dear friend,

Be honest. You’ve always been intrigued at the idea of owning your own apartment building, haven’t you?

I can’t blame you. Who would?

After all, the benefits are rather exceptional, and speak for themselves…

  • Maybe it’s a desire to increase your reliable flow of cash income each month
  • Or maybe you’re drawn to the thought of giving your net worth a notable infusion
  • Maybe you know you need to take the raging retirement bull by the horns to ensure you’re able to sustain the lifestyle you enjoy and deserve…
  • Or maybe you simply realize the ridiculously rare opportunity today’s market is serving up on a silver platter is just too good to let it pass by…

Whatever your motivation, if you want to discover what it takes to invest in your first apartment building, then congratulations…

You just struck paydirt

…Because if you want to buy your first apartment building I’m here to help make that a reality.

I want to show you how you can do it and generate your first cash flow check in only 87 days like I did.

And the best part is, you get to benefit from my real life experiences.

Look, my experience didn’t come 10 years ago when the economy and the market were easy…

My experience was gained in the middle of our economic bust, right here in the trenches of this very real, very down real estate market. (which frankly, I’ve discovered is what makes it so good)

The good, the bad and the ugly…I’ve seen it all, done it all, and now I’m willing to teach you my successes and my failures to shortcut your success.

You get to slash a huge chunk off your learning curve thanks to my experience and willingness to teach you exactly what I’ve done.

Not some theory I learned from someone else, this is step-by-step, exactly what I’ve done.

Since I bought my first apartment building, I’ve talked to dozens of people that have wanted to buy one for themselves. They just hadn’t done it yet because they lacked the system to be successful.

Whether you’re an experienced real estate investor or just someone looking for some additional cash flow, the story is almost always the same.

You just hadn’t pulled the trigger yet because you didn’t feel that you had enough information or a detailed enough process that you could follow step-by-step.

You might have even bought courses and expensive coaching programs from “recognized experts” on buying apartment buildings.

From experience I can tell you that starting to search for an apartment building that costs up to or even more than a half million dollars without having a detailed action plan is no fun.

In fact I think it’s a prescription for failure.

But because I have now bought and owned apartment buildings, and done so while holding down a highly demanding day job, I can teach you exactly what works and how you can literally copy my success.

In this training you’re going to learn:

  • Why apartment buildings are the fastest way to generating meaningful positive cash flow
  • My Seven Steps to getting started. Step #7 is so critical that if you don’t do it, or if you do it wrong, I guarantee that you will fail. Nobody else teaches this.
  • The Eight People that you must talk to and recruit as members of your team as you’re getting started.
  • The specific type of apartments I target (size/price range) and why this is critical for first time apartment buyers

I have used these exact strategies and techniques to buy my apartment buildings – and now you can too!


Product Review – Andrew Kuhn

“Results Are The Only Thing That Matters”

“In the 2 years that I’ve been working with Dennis Fassett and using his information I’ve built a portfolio of 7 Single Families and a 29 Unit Apartment Complex…Not bad for a 28 Year old “kid”

I attribute that in large part to knowing and working with Dennis Fassett and utilizing his detailed and thorough information and courses. It’s good to know there are true professionals still out there who care about making sure others are successful. Thanks Dennis. “

Andrew Kuhn
Medical Device Sales


Briefly: Who I Am, and Why You Should Care…

I first got started in real estate investing out of necessity and fear more than anything else.

I’m a corporate guy — a former investment banker with an MBA in finance — and I moved into the automotive industry in Detroit

That is, until it tanked, slapping me in the face with just how “unsafe” I really was. I got scared, and suddenly realized I had good reason to be.

Taking matters into my own hands, I looked into a bunch of different businesses, from franchises to MLM and everything in between.

Eventually I came to realize that rental real estate — and especially small-to-mid size apartment buildings — were by far the best, safest, surest way to build the financial safety net I know my family deserves.

Once I set my mind to it and learned the ropes (just enough), it took me just 87 days to buy my first apartment building and get my first cash flow check.

The experience was a huge learning process for me, and not without mistakes. But I still own that building, and it still does very well for me.

I’ve picked up another one too and immediately began working on my third. I now have over $3 million in rental real estate

I choose to manage most of it myself (but you could hire a property manage on commission), and I do it all while I still work a full time day job that I really like.

The fact is, I’ve cracked the code on how to do both worlds well… That is 1) how to buy a really great, first-time real estate cash cow, and 2) How to do it all (and manage it) while keeping a full time job.

I get asked all the time about what it takes and how to go about doing it.

It’s an adventure, let me tell you…but the rewards are handsome and so worthwhile.

Being a corporate guy and knowing how big businesses become successful, I decided to blueprint my process from start to finish.

I took a step back and challenged myself to tack two very big, very important questions:

  • QUESTION #1: What does the whole process look like from start to finish?
    From the steps you take, to who you talk to and when…from the criteria I use to the specific type of apartment I’d choose (and the one’s I wouldn’t)…soup-to-nuts…A-to-Z…
  • QUESTION #2: If I could do it all over again, what would I do differently?
    This is about learning from my mistakes. Helping others (like you) slash your learning curve way shorter than mine was (even though I did pretty darn well)

Answering these two questions well — I mean really doing them justice — well, frankly it became my obsession for a few months.

I became fiercely dedicated to seeing the whole thing to be systematized, so that anyone could follow the steps, do exactly what I say, and end up wisely investing in your first cash flow apartment, and doing quite well at it.

Don’t misunderstand – I’m not some national guru with a huge staff of trainers flying all over the place attending REIA meetings. I haven’t gotten detached from actual real estate investing.

I’m an active investor who is out in the market looking for deals each and every week.

That means I still remember what it took and how it felt to buy my first apartment building.

From the fear of not thinking I knew enough when I got started, to the fear of not knowing who to trust to help me, to the fear of spending nearly a million dollars, all the way through to the sheer exhilaration I felt on closing day.

I remember it all like it was yesterday.

After many months of heartfelt labor, I’m happy to report that the end result is even better than I originally envisioned it would be.

Truly one of my proudest achievements. It’s a little something I like to call “Apartment Cash Flow 101”.

I’ve taught dozens of people these exact strategies, and helped them buy buildings and get to cash flow fast.

In fact I specialize in one thing – helping people buy their FIRST building.

Why? Because once you buy your first one you probably won’t need me anymore!

How’s that for being blunt?

Listen, the people I have taught have come from all walks of life, all educational backgrounds, and all ages and experience levels.

The only thing they all had in common was that they wanted cash flow NOW.

That’s all it takes. If that describes you, then success is 100% within your reach too.


Product Review – Jesse Boyd

“Bought First Apartment Building at 22 Years Old”

“When I heard about “How to Buy Your First Apartment Building”, I was intrigued, but mostly intimidated by the idea of buying an apartment building. I almost didn’t attend, but decided to go and observe purely for the education. I was surprised to discover that buying an apartment building is really not rocket science and can be broken down into a step by step process.

“Several months after attending Dennis’ seminar, I was part-owner of my first building at 22 years old.”

Jesse Boyd
Landscape Company Owner


There Are Lots of Ways to Buy Apartment Buildings.

Why Do It the Hard Way?

I’m sure that you have one or two friends, relatives or colleagues that want to buy an apartment building and are in the process of “studying up” to buy it.

They spend months studying and analyzing and can quote chapter and verse from this guru or that coaching program, but they aren’t at the point where they’ve even actually looked at a single apartment building in person.

I knew lots of folks like that when I got started. And I applauded each one of them for taking a step in the right direction.

But guess what?

It’s been a couple of years since I bought my first one, and I’ve gone on to buy more. . . BUT . . . not a single one of the people that I knew that were “studying up” when I was got started ever actually took action and bought one themselves.

Now don’t get me wrong – like I said there are lots of different ways to buy an apartment building.

But why do it the hard way, and why take the long way to getting your first cash flow check?

Isn’t the name of the game putting cash flow in your pocket as fast as possible?

There’s no glory in tools, techniques, and endless study.

No. The glory is in the cash flow – pure and simple. That’s why you should take the shortest path to get it.

And that path is contained in the steps I’ll lay out. If you’ll just follow the steps you can take the exact same shortcut that I did.

I’m going to teach you how you can copy my success and buy your first positive cash flow apartment building – fast.

The reason? Quite frankly because in this crappy economy you deserve the same opportunity to generate positive cash flow for your family that I have. And it would be a shame for you to struggle with it like so many others have when success is so close and within your grasp.

And as you’ll see,

  • You don’t need any special skills
  • You don’t need a high school or college degree
  • You don’t need years of experience
  • You don’t need your own cash to start
  • You don’t need a big income

If you meet the criteria above, I can teach to you to buy your first apartment building.


Give Me Just Five More Minutes

And Read Every Word of This Letter . . .


Let me start by teaching you 5 of the most common problems that are preventing you from buying your first apartment building:



You Don’t Know the Process to Buying an Apartment Building:

SOLUTION: In Apartment Cash Flow 101 you’ll learn the process in detail. You’ll then understand every step and know exactly what it takes to buy your first apartment building.



You Don’t Know the Critical People You Need to Have On Your Team. Most people think they need to go at it alone, when nothing could be further from the truth:

SOLUTION: In Apartment Cash Flow 101 you’ll be introduced to the eight people that are critical to your success. You’ll learn how to identify the right people to talk to in your market, and how to approach them to work with you. You’ll also have exclusive access to a sit down video interview that I did with a property manager in front of a live audience of first time apartment investors where I questioned him for an hour on one thing – what’s critical for a first time apartment investor to know when they’re just getting started.



You Don’t Know The Steps to Setting Up Your Apartment Business. There are seven things you need to do before you get started on your apartment quest. They represent the foundation to your business, and are important to your success:

SOLUTION: In Apartment Cash Flow 101 you are going to learn the seven steps to setting up your apartment business so you can build the foundation you need up front and not be surprised later on in the process.


You Haven’t Properly Assessed Your Resources. This is the #1 thing that every first time apartment investor I know has failed to do. The resources you have are critical to your success, and they will dictate what you buy, where you buy, and how much you’ll spend.

SOLUTION: In Apartment Cash Flow 101 you’ll learn how to properly evaluate your resources you have at your disposal. You’ll also learn what your assessment means in terms of what to buy and where, and how much you should spend on your first apartment building.


Does this all sound familiar?

If you’re like most first time apartment buyers you’re wondering where to begin…

I know, because I was in your shoes when I was getting started.

But no matter what you have already read, no matter what you have already been taught, and no matter what you have heard …

I can help you overcome these challenges so you can start generating positive cash flow by buying your first apartment building.


Product Review – Gene Kinzer

“I Gained The Knowledge and Confidence to Make That Purchase”

“I currently own single family rentals. By attending Dennis’s How to Buy Your First Apartment Building workshop, I gained the Knowledge and confidence to make that purchase. Two of the items that help me immediately was Inspections and Tenant Screening, because I’ve used this information in my current enterprise.

Dennis Thank You for sharing your expertise.”

Allan Cassell
Electrical Substation Operator


So Are You Serious About Buying Your First Building?

The gap between success and failure in buying your first building is small. In fact it’s a whole lot smaller than you probably think right now.

A small few will take action and make success happen while most will just sit on the sidelines wondering why success isn’t there – success takes action!


I want you to take action and use the tools and the training that I am offering you to succeed.

I guarantee you are closer than you think to the success and lifestyle that you desire…

BUT…You must make immediate changes in your approach to buying your first building if you expect success.


My Question to You Is Simple –

Do You Want to Own An Apartment Building? Yes or No.

If your answer is: “Yes, I Want To Buy My FIRST Apartment Building!”

I want you to invest less than the cost of an average dinner in your education today.

When you do I’ll take you immediately to my training center where I will teach you:

  • My Apartment Cash Flow Blueprint, which will teach you the simple and straightforward process for buying your first apartment building
  • Why apartment buildings are the best way to generate cash flow
  • Why NOW is the best time to be buying apartment buildings in our lifetime
  • The Eight People that you must have on your team. Who they are, how to identify them in your market, and how to approach them to get them to work with you
  • The Five things you need to do to create the foundation for your apartment business, even if your plan is to buy only one
  • Several additional educational resources to help you close your “knowledge gap”
  • How to “get in the game” and start looking at apartment buildings
  • How to assess your resources so you’ll know what to buy, where to buy, and what you should spend

And much, much more…


Imagine Having The Cash Flow That Your First Apartment Building Give You

In Only A Few Weeks From Today!

  • Build a safety net for your family and never worry about losing your job ever again
  • Send your kids to private school
  • Pay for your kid’s college education so they can start fresh without a pile of debt to pay off when they graduate
  • Pay off your credit cards and stop carrying a balance paying all that interest forever
  • Take your family on that well-deserved vacation that you’ve been putting off
  • Finally buy that new car you’ve been looking at
  • And finally have the time to spend with your family or on those hobbies that you’ve been neglecting


Product Review – Kevin Aspinall

“Great Learning Tools for the Novice Investor”

“Dennis speaks from first-hand experience, so you’re learning from one that has done it. He provides contact detail and input from other experts and resources that need to be on your contact list.

A great one-stop shop for first-hand experience, resources, news articles. Especially like the format of being able to review one session at a time, as often as you’d like. This site is a great tool and resource.”

Kevin Aspinall
HR Manager / Hospitality Manager



Product Review – Andy Nemeckay

“Course Is Like Having a Personal Coach ”

“This course is like having a personal coach walk you through the entire apartment buying process. The information provided is an inside look into the detailed steps of apartment buying.

Dennis’ team is first rate and I am confident that I could sign my name on a deed this year by following his program.”

Andy Nemeckay
Third Party Logistics Planner / Real Estate Investor


Introducing Apartment Cash Flow 101: Foundation Training

If you’re ready to take the first huge step forward toward buying your first apartment building …

But you DON’T want to spend a bundle of money on a full blown, soup-to-nuts training program yet…

Then the Apartment Cash Flow 101 Foundation Training program is tailor-made for YOU.

This Foundation Training Program includes the first five training session of my Apartment Training Program. It will show you the steps to getting started, the people that you must talk to as you’re getting started with apartment buildings, the steps to doing your own self-assessment of your readiness, and it will help you properly set accurate expectations about the process of buying your first apartment building.

It also includes some of my essential tools, a Case Study on one of the apartment buildings that I bought, and an interview with the best apartment property manager in my area on what’s critical for a first time apartment buyer.

Here’s what you get with Apartment Cash Flow 101 Foundation Training. You get instant access to:


Module 1: First Things First (Value: $77)

I believe in keeping things as simple as possible. So we start at the beginning, with a mile-high view that sets the stage for everything else. You’ll learn…

……Exactly where you’re going (what’s ahead in the training)
……What you’ll be learning every step of the way
……How to best consume and digest it
……How to get the most out of it possible
……A little more about me, and my experiences
……A look at the specific type of apartments I target (size/price range) and why

When you walk into a new shopping mall for the first time with no concept of how it’s laid out, what’s the first thing you want to do? Find the mall map!

That’s what this module is. It’s your “mall map” for the rest of the course. A starting point, that’ll show you exactly where we’re going and what’s in store.

Module 2: Why Apartment Buildings (Value: $77)

Before you understand the “how”, you really should start by wrapping your mind around the “why”…and maybe even more importantly, the “why now“…

……What’s the situation with commercial real estate in today’s market?
……Apartment buildings vs. other commercial real estate
……Do the Work ONCE: Cash flow now and cash flow later
……Tax Benefits NOW: Why do you think the rich buy real estate?
……1995 vs. 2006 vs. today
……Where do apartment building fundamentals stand today?
……The coming commercial foreclosure tidal wave
……Why apartment buildings are the right vehicle

This module sets the stage for others ahead of it. If you don’t understand the “why” then the “how” doesn’t really matter that much, does it?

Module 3: The 8 People You Must Talk To While Getting Started (and Why) (Value: $97)

Anyone can see that buying your first cash flow apartment can be an intimidating, confusing and complicated process. But it certainly doesn’t have to be for you. Besides learning from my experiences in this course, there are exactly 8 other people that it’s essential for you to find and get to know. I call them “The Great Eight” and this module is all about how to find and approach them, so you can…

……Protect yourself from buying a lemon
……Connect you with the best financing options for your unique situation
……Help you understand the true value of any apartment building you’re considering
……Protect your investment in all the right ways
……Manage your property and your tenants, without taking over your life
……Protect yourself from liability, during and after your acquisition

Module 4: Your 7 Essential First Steps (Value: $97)

In addition to connecting with the “Great Eight” (see module 3), I’ve also found there’s a handful of other important items you’d do well to process in advance of buying your first cash flow apartment building. I’ve boiled it all down to seven key steps I definitely recommend you take first.

These seven important steps are all about helping you…

……Eliminate your knowledge gap
……Set up your base of operation for your first apartment endeavor
……Protect yourself from personal liability as much as possible
……Create your business entity
……Get yourself setup and ready to “do business”
……Assess the resources you have available to you (i.e. cash, time, family support, etc.)

Basically this is all about setting yourself up for success right from the get-go.

Module 5: Reality Check (Value: $77)

Have you ever noticed how many of our popular industry “gurus” seem hell-bent on painting the rosiest, most unrealistically easy picture possible of apartment investing? They do that because, frankly, sizzle sells.

It’s sad but true. And leads far to many of us down a primrose path we’re certain is lined with rainbows and puppy dogs…until we actually walk it, and get a dose of how things work in the real world. Maybe you can relate?

Don’t get me wrong – I wholeheartedly believe the fruit has never been riper – the opportunity never hotter – than right now for buying your first cash flow apartment building. But it’s only right, in my view, to give you as accurate a picture possible of what that really looks like in the real world. And that’s exactly why I’ve dedicated an entire session to it. This is my opportunity to set the record straight and dispel common myths, untruths and hype I hear around apartment investing.


That’s $425 Worth of Apartment Cash Flow 101 Education for A Ridiculously Low Price


“First and Foremost I’d like to personally thank Dennis Fassett for providing such great content. I am too analytical at times, and I’m glad this program showed me Step by Step on what I need to do in order acquire my first apartment building. Unlike other programs, leaving me wondering what to do next, Dennis really lays out a treasure map for all of us to use.”
Christopher Niekra
Restaurant Manager and Certified Personal Trainer

Icing on the Cake:
A Ridiculous Array of Unique Bonuses…

Now what you’ve seen so far (above) is the foundation of my blueprint. Consider it your foundation training.

But the thing is, I’m hopelessly dedicated to making sure you have no excuse for not taking action and moving forward in this.

I don’t want anything standing between you and your first apartment building investment, so I’ve created a really incredible array of “bonus” sessions — or better yet, let’s call them “amplifiers”, because really they’re designed to amplify your core training, on an as-needed basis.

Said another way, I consider the foundation training (above) to be essential. The amplifier session below? They’ll kick things up to the next level.

But please…PLEASE do not make the mistake of letting yourself feel stressed out about going through all of the “amplifier” sessions you see below – I know it’s a lot of stuff!

Instead, you should think of it more like an mind-blowing buffet of additional training you can pick and choose from at any time that you have a specific need, or want to go deeper in any specific area.

Take a look and you’ll see what I mean…

Bonus 1: Study Guide “Cheat Sheets” for All 5 Modules (Value: $113)

I’ve mentioned before that my goal is to completely demystify buying your fist apartment, and make the whole process as simple and straightforward and possible. And it stands to reason that you should get the very most possible out of each and every training session.

With this in mind, I’ve included a downloadable “cheat sheet” study guide in PDF format — one for each module.

The idea is to engage you in multiple ways, to help you learn and retain as much as possible. So you’ll find each “cheat sheet” outlines the key points for that module, with blanks for you to fill in as you go along through each module with me. When you’re done, these “cheat sheets” will be your “Cliff’s Notes” to the whole course.

Bonus 2: Video Case Study A – UD Manor Apartments (Value: $97)

Even though UD Manor was the second apartment building that I bought, it would have made a perfect “first timer” building. The location, condition, occupancy, and history were all first rate. But in this case, the “story” is actually what made the deal make sense.

I created this case study to show you three things:

1. What a nearly perfect first time apartment building looks like

2. Why you need to dig beneath the listing ticket and completely understand the seller and their “story”, so you’ll know what is motivating them.

3. What an eye-popping ROI looks like & why there’s no such thing as a free lunch

Bonus 3: My Six ESSENTIAL Checklists (Value: $60)


Don’t you find it much easier to make sure you didn’t forget something important when you’re operating from a checklist? Frankly, I don’t think any real estate business can be successful without them!

I’m giving you my own detailed punchlists for:

……People you must talk to
……Your 7 steps to getting started
……What I look for in an apartment building
……Critical letter of intent contingencies
……Steps to moving to closing
……My deal-getting 90 day action plan

I cover everything contained on these checklists in detail throughout the video sessions. But once you’re done, these checklists will be your best friend on a deal-by-deal basis.

Worried you forgot about something important? Now you don’t have to! Just make sure you check it off the list!

Bonus 4: My Rent Survey Estimator Template (Value: $97)

Never heard of a rent survey? That’s ok – neither had I when I bought my first building.

And it came back to haunt me.

This template is critical to your success when you’re buying your first building, because it will help you determine whether the rents the seller is getting are above, at, or below market. And that knowledge will be HUGE in determining the price you’re willing to pay.

I’ve included the template that I use today and a training video to help you get started with it.

Bonus 5: Expert Session – Apartment Property Manager (Value: $97)

What most first-time apartment buyers fail to realize is that managing the building after they buy is where they’re going to make their cash flow and profit.

For most people, managing the entire operation of their first building is a mistake. That’s where a great property manager comes in.

My property manager is the best. In this interview we discuss overall property management and how a new apartment owner should make the transition.



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I’ve been around the block a few times by now and it seems there’s not a lot of information like what I’m sharing here even available.

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Can You Keep These Secrets Just Between Us?

Non-Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement

Because of the rarity and value of the information inside “Apartment Cash Flow 101” and because of the benefits and unfair advantage that it gives to my few students…

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“The way to get started is to
quit talking and begin doing”

Thanks for stopping by and reading my letter here. Remember, the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. So I hope to see you on the inside. I leave you with 2 of my favorite quotes to ponder…

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Think back on everything you’ve done that was truly worthwhile in your life.

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What do all these things have in common?

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