I get asked a lot Ok Dennis – after I get started, what do I do next to educate myself?

It’s a great question and I have an answer that that proven to work time and time again. The answer has 3 simple parts:

  • Getting more detailed information from experts on what to look for, and what to stay away from, when you buy your first apartment building
  • Developing your analytical took kit so you’re prepared to look critically at the numbers when you find a building that meets your criteria
  • Learning HOW to look at an apartment building, preferably through the eyes of someone that’s an expert at it

Fortunately, I put together a collection of SIX of my best resources and training to SOLVE all 3 of these challenges for you.

I’m going to give you two pieces of software, two in-depth industry insider interviews that I recorded with my Experts, and two Case Studies that take you deep inside my process.

Together I call my “Apartment Cash Flow Super Set”. It’s so powerful my students have gone back again and again to review this training.

I’ve put them all together in these easy to use resources, training and software which I normally sell for up to $97 a piece…

Today if you choose just one for just $97, I’ll give you the other FIVE absolutely FREE!

Why? Because I know that without them you may not be successful and that would be a shame.

It’s really simple –

Invest just $97 and you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to ALL SIX tools and resources.

That’s $652 worth of my very best stuff for only $97. That’s 85% off.

Here’s what you get:




Resource #1: Deal Analysis Template (Value: $197)

If you’re going to be evaluating apartment buildings, then you’re going to need a custom spreadsheet to help with the analysis. And not one of those generic templates you download free off the internet either. I tried those when I got started and they’re a waste of time. Trust me on that!

Revenue, Operating Expenses, Vacancies, Financing – it’s all there in one easy to use spreadsheet.

This is the spreadsheet that I created from scratch four years ago and have been updating continuously ever since. I still use it today, and I have never shared it with anyone. Until now.

I’ve even included a training video to help you get started using it quickly.

Resource #2: Due Diligence Timeline Management (Value: $67)

Your Due Diligence period is like a ticking time-bomb – you miss one deadline and you can kiss your multi-thousand dollar earnest money deposit goodbye. Because the seller WILL keep it.

That’s the reality of of commercial real estate.

That’s why I created this Due Diligence Timeline Management spreadsheet along with my commercial broker. Just plug in the items you’ll be including in your Due Diligence period and the dates they’re due, and you’ll know at a glance if you’re on schedule – or if you need to get an extension on your Due Diligence period from the seller.

And I’ve included a training video as well to help you get started.

Resource #3: Expert Session – Commercial Real Estate Attorney (Value: $97)

One of the things that you’re going to hear over and over in my program is that there aren’t any rules in commercial real estate. That’s mostly true – it can be like the wild wild west out there.

So one of the key members of my team is my Real Estate Attorney.

But not just any attorney will do – my idea of a perfect attorney was Einstein in a pit-bull’s body, so that he would have my back while keeping my interests safe.

This is an interview that I did with my him on several issues facing first time apartment buyers. It’s a must see. He does not pull ANY punches.

Resource #4: Expert Session – Apartment Property Inspector (Value: $97)

An skilled and experienced property inspector that knows apartment buildings is worth his weight in gold, because with the size and scope of the types of buildings you should be looking at, knowing what you’re getting in to is critical.

And your property inspector is the one to tell you that in detail.

This is an interview that I did with my property inspector where we discussed several issues facing the first time apartment buyer.

When I took him to lunch when I was getting started it was like getting an MBA in apartment buildings. He is the most critical member of my team.

Resource #5: Video Case Study – Park East Apartments (Value: $97)

Park East Apartments is a 45 unit complex in the suburbs here in Metro Detroit.

It’s a fantastic building – great location, excellent condition, lots of updates, outstanding operating history, seller financing, and a seller “story” that made a lot of sense.

I went after this building – hard. I didn’t get it because we couldn’t come to terms on the price, but I created this Case Study to show you another near-perfect example of what you should be looking for when you’re buying your first apartment building.

This Case Study will teach you HOW to look at an apartment building and WHAT to look for when you’re just getting started.

Resource #6: Case Study – The Evil “Black Hat” Seller (Value: $97)

This was my baptism by fire.

The very fist deal that I pursued – the first one that I was going to close on in less than 90 days from when I started looking – died a couple of weeks prior to closing due to an evil “Black Hat” seller. You’ll hear the whole sordid tale, but to cut to the chase he killed the deal, then refused to give me back my Earnest Money Deposit. So I had to spend money to sue him to get my money back.

I created this Case Study to drive home the fact that there are no rules in commercial real estate – and that a lot of people are only out to steal your money.

This Case Study will teach you what to look out for.

You Get It All For Just $97

($652 Worth of Training , Resources AND Software)

You just invest just $97 and I’ll give you INSTANT ACCESS to ALL of it as a FREE Bonus. That’s $652 worth of my very best resources and trainings for only $97. You SAVE $555 (85% off)


Apartment Deal Analysis Template PLUS Training Video
Retail $197 INCLUDED
Due Diligence Timeline Management Template PLUS Training Video
Retail $67 INCLUDED
Expert Interview Session with a Real Estate Deal Attorney
Retail $97 INCLUDED
Expert Interview Session with a Apartment Property Inspector
Retail $97 INCLUDED
Apartment Case Study: Park East Apartments
Retail $97 INCLUDED
Apartment Case Study: The Evil “Black Hat” Seller
Retail $97 INCLUDED
Total Value
Our One-Time-Offer Price for ALL 6 Resources and Trainings w/ INSTANT ACCESS
Just $97
You SAVE $555
(85% off)


My 30 Day I'll-Buy-It-Back 100% Money Back Guarantee

My “buy it back” guarantee is simple and straightforward. If — after thoroughly reviewing all the material in this course — you are not satisfied with your purchase, let me know and I’ll buy it back from you for the same price you paid.

This is the kind of strong guarantee I expect when I buy something like this, so it’s exactly what I’m proud to offer you.

Of course I can’t go through the course for you. I can’t make you take action, or guarantee your results. But I fully and unhesitatingly stand behind the accuracy and extreme value of this information. And I promise that, if you complete it and apply it, you will be thrilled with the results you’ll get.

  • Deal Analysis Template and Training Video
  • Due Diligence Timeline Software and Training Video
  • Expert Session With A Commercial Real Estate Attorney
  • Expert Session With A Commercial Property Inspector
  • Case Study on the Park East Apartment Deal
  • Case Study on the Black Hat Seller

Only $97

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